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Olive Garden

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Woody has it going on today. It's always good when crews show up ready to work after a holiday break. Today the final of the grading is taking place. The concrete crew came back to continue the trench work. They encountered too much rock this weekend which damaged the equipment. Today they returned ready to progress via another strategy. The concrete foreman also brought out another crew to start forming the NW parking lot so they can pour concrete later in the week. The developer had a crew out here finishing the irrigation sleeve & continuing the electrical line relocation. They delivered anchor bolts, rebar, form materials, and storm water lines. It's been a busy day. We were finally able to get the load sheet information out to Oncor. Woody's been burning up minutes on the phone scheduling next week's work and confirming this week's work. All in all we had a very productive day.