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Olive Garden

Monday, September 29, 2008

Outline of McDonald's Visible

Today we had the framers, plumbers, hvac mechanics, interior metal stud crews, concrete crews arriving early in the morning. No sooner had we arrived when the roofing materials were delivered, as well as all the metal studs. We quickly set up all our office equipment in anticipation of the early morning site meeting with management. Our Project Manager was the first to arrive. After a while, the Jaspers arrived with their management team. Woody walked everyone through the building and discussed our progress as well as anticipated issues that may need their attention in the near future. Meanwhile, all the crews just kept a steady pace working. Looking back, I can see that it's been ten days since the last site meeting. At that point the building pad was not yet poured. So today was an excellent day to have visitors. The building is taking shape and Woody continues to work the crews agressively. In the afternoon, Jimmy Lopez, Area Construction Manager, dropped in to get a visual of the progress first hand. He was able to provide very positive support. Everyone will be coming back out on Friday. Our goal is to get the MEP's to progress substaintially by the end of the week.