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Olive Garden

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bring Your Patience to Work Day

Patience is a virtue for a reason. Today I found out that having patience stops a person from acting rashly and jumping to conclusions. We started our day like all others: coffee, quick run down of the days expectations on the way to work, review of the 7 habits in relation to our daily goal, arrive on job, and that's when things slowed down. The fact is the plumbers came in for their first day in the slab. The progress was extremely minimal. They are having problems getting through the rock. Woody talked to the foreman about getting more crews and heavier equipment, the PM on his end also called the plumbing company office and requested crews and equipment that can get the job done on schedule. The concrete crew also came today to continue forming the north west parking lot. Woody is scheduled to pour this by Friday. So I have to say the crews and Woody are trying to work patiently through all the rock but everyone knows were it not for the rock the project would be further along. A good note is the fact that the developer looks like they are finishing up their underground line work on the site. They'll bring that back to grade and we'll be able to pour concrete on that end as well. We are used to be in a fast paced construction site, so the rock issue is definitely trying our patience. Erik Egan, Project Manager at Parkway Construction, came by for a while to observe the work in progress. Erik's made quite a few visits to our site both here and in Irving. He'll return again later in the week.