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Olive Garden

Friday, September 12, 2008

Slide Forward One, Get KICKED Back Two!

Today the jackhammer track was picked up and a track hoe was delivered. The rocksaw is still down. The concrete crew stayed busy setting forms for the northwest parking area. The plumbers passed inspection and were able to cover up in the slab. Storm water line was also covered. Michael, Project Manager, and Jimmy, Area Construction Manager, were unable to attend today's site meeting. The meeting was short and just a broad overview of the progress thus far. The McDonald's Partner however managed to really get Woody excited about the upgrades and new changes that will be a part of the decor and set up of this McDonald's. Woody and I are both looking forward to this challenge. Fort Worth is going to get a McDonald's that will be unmatched in this area in regards to the environment that will be provided to the customer, whether you bring your children with you or not. We'll be pouring the parking lot on the northwest end in the morning provided the rain holds off. We've received our go ahead from the GEO Tech Service as well. But we are on hold on the Southeast end of the lot due to the water taps provided to the lot will have to be changed by the developer before we may proceed.