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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Area Supervisor @ Marietta McDonald's

This is Todd Blakely, a McDonald's Area Supervisor. This smile I can assure you is not just for the purpose of the camera. In fact, he, just like Gary & Cathi, the owner/operators, gets right in the midst of all the work going on. The other picture is Cathi as she arrived today to begin working. It's not micro managing in the least. I am serious they actually get right in it and GET TO WORK. It reminds me of other great leaders that don't ask others to do things they haven't already done themselves. They are very aggressive as they set out to get the building in order for the Grand Opening. Their attitude is very motivating and contagious. Not only are the McDonald's crews working aggressively, but so are the Parkway subs. And most of the crews are all working with the "can do" attitude and it seems every where I turn people are smiling, working, and excited. It's been great to experience these actions today. Woody and I are exhausted but we kept up with the pace. We've been doing a refresher course on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. So many things we witnessed today reminded us of those habits in action. Excellent day. What a wonderful life to work at Parkway and be privelged to meet so many people and have so many challenges come our way.