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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Dad...

My Dad, Richard Thompson aka Hun. My son was attached to his grandparents from birth until we moved when he was about three years old. He would here my Mom call my Dad Hun short for Honey. When he started speaking he would call my Dad Hun thinking that was his name. Well, it stuck. My parents have 23 grandchildren! All the grandchildren call him Hun. This is a picture of my Dad a few months ago when my brother got married. My Dad is a Deacon at the Catholic church and a wonderful man of God. What a blessing he is to me in my life. Happy Birthday, Hun. I sure do miss you.
When we were doing the McDonald's in Littlefield, my Dad would come out to talk to Woody everyday to see how the project was going. Him and my entire family and the city for that matter pitched in any way they could. It's so interesting to see how helpful people in smaller communities get so excited when we build in their towns.