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Olive Garden

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

What makes Michael Sawyers a great Project Manager is his ability to address an issue, put it in perspective, and find a solution that will result in a pleased customer, be cost effective for the company, and positive productivity from the superintendent. Add to that his willingness, ability, and reliability on actually get hands on side by side with the crews when it comes to working. Now we all know it can't be a good thing when the Project Manager has to get out and do any type of actual labor on your jobsite. But sometimes it becomes necessary if a deadline is to be met on time. Now mix to this team, a Master Superintendent like Woody and you get the foundation of a team that will meet and exceed their goals. Add a pinch of me with a memory that comes in handy, attention to detail, knowledge of rules, codes and regulations, plus an ability to build a great relationship with the crews. Then a bit of Kenneth Ross on the job which is the person familiar with the situation up to this point. Finally, subcontractors that want to meet their contracted deadlines. Turn it up all the way for 24 hours and these pictures reflect what happened in one guess is that we will be meeting our goal!