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Olive Garden

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to Marietta, Oklahoma

Well, we got all packed. Drove the 80 minutes it took us to get here and found an RV Park in Thackerville, OK. It's about 6 miles from the jobsite in Marietta. Goodbye, laundry service, variety of restaurants, 5 o'clock traffic, and Pappy's Catfish! Hello, relaxation, peace & quiet, and the enjoyment of small town living. This town is smaller than Littlefield, but the McDonald's here is the exact store as the one we did in Littlefield. It's my understanding that we are about a half hour from Ardmore where we can get a variety of shopping choices and restaurants. No time to explore today however. We have set up the RV for now and we will be trying to get approval to set up at the job site in the next couple of days. But we did set up dish network so we can enjoy the race tomorrow. Here are the pictures of the McDonald's we'll be helping finish over the next couple of weeks.