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Olive Garden

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McDonald's Owner/Operators Visit the site

Gary Cook and his wife are the o/o of this store here in Marietta, Ok. Gary first came out on Tuesday. Woody came home with nothing but great things to say about him. That's the day I was home unpacking the RV since we decided we had to stay at the RV park rather than at the job site. However, both o/o's returned on Wednesday and I was able to meet them both. This is a picture of Gary working on site and one of him giving us information about his subcontractors. Woody was right, these owners are very helpful and willing to work with us to get this project completed. They were extremely complimentary of Woody's work and progress in such a short time. It is helpful that they are extremely organized and have written records of all the information that could be helpful to us. Marietta must be very pleased to have such a great couple bringing business to their community.