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Olive Garden

Friday, June 13, 2008

McDonald's Paving Finished Today

Despite all the excitement of having so many people out to inspect the job today, it was still a very productive day. Having visitors on the job is very important to us. Because we see the job day in and day out, it is easy to overlook detail items. We always welcome more pair of eyes to look for imperfections. At least once a week I'll go completely through the job site looking for anything that catches my eye. This is an excellent way to prevent having a long punch list at the end of the job. The asphalt was poured today and the parking lot is now completely paved. We'll have to keep the entrances blocked off to prevent anyone from driving into the lot or parking on the paving. Crews worked diligently towards finishing their contracted work. But tonight was an early night for Woody. He actually got to leave work about 8pm! The exterior is really starting to look impressive. The inside is still not looking so great, but that's only because it always looks the worst right before decor finishes. Anyone that was doubting that the project could not be completed in time has probably come around by now. The realization that it is all coming together is overwhelming, exciting, and also a reminder that soon, we'll be on the road again.