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Olive Garden

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Change of Pace

Last night Woody worked with a few crews as they make some final changes before we depart. Rick Mathews made some changes to the parking. This change was made in part to the need to better define the drive thru lanes from the pass thru lane. The parking on the far north was changed to slanted parking. Today we went to meet with Michael, our PM, for lunch. It was a great opportunity to go to see everyone at the Parkway offices. Can you believe I failed to bring in the camera to share a view of Parkway from behind the scenes? But I did get a picture of what I believe is the Denton Courthouse. How does Denton come in when we are building in Irving, visiting Parkway offices in Lewisville? We went out to Denton yesterday to pick up a permit for another Parkway project.