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Olive Garden

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday: Lot Striping & Roof finishes

Ah, the landscapers were busy early this morning when we arrived at work. Shortly, thereafter, the wallpaper hangers arrived as well as the roofers. The wallpaper crew finished the crew room and replaced the wallpaper on the wall between the restrooms. The roofing crew will return Monday to finish the storage room roof. Today they worked on the building roof finishes. Gary, the owner/operator, was steadily working on finishing up the set up of the office area. Then just as everyone left for the day, the lot stripers showed up about 5pm. They took about three hours to stripe the entire lot. We are so pleased with their work. We also scheduled all the rest of the work for Monday and Tuesday. In the morning, we'll have only one crew onsite. They will be hanging all doors and installing all hardware. These are some finishes that will complete a large amount of the undone work. It's a great blessing to have crews that are willing to work for us on the weekend. The motivation for working the long hours and seven days a week for us is that we will do all we can to reach our goal to turn over a quality building to our customer on time.