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Olive Garden

Monday, June 9, 2008

First Day at Marietta McDonald's

It's only the first day, but already we are aware of the fact that we'll have to work long hours to get on track. I am so excited by the challenge that is before us. Woody has mixed thoughts: On the one hand the challenge is exciting on the other is the reality of working long hours so soon after finishing Irving. Michael met us on the job first thing this morning. As always our Project Manager put all the work in perspective. After inspecting the site with us and evaluating all work to be completed, I set off to make one of my infamous checklists, while Michael & Woody set off to clean up the interior and exterior. The Code Enforcement officer was able to find us some laborers, so this afternoon they'll be able to help with the cleaning detail. Finally, in the afternoon, Michael met with Woody & Kenneth and the plan was laid out as to how we would schedule the balance of the work over the next week. After all we have 9 days to finish the work and turn it over to McDonald's. This job is being run by Superintendent Kenneth Ross. Overall, the building is in good shape for turning over. The shock wore off once the building was cleaned and a plan was made. Turns out we are in better shape than we initially thought. These last two weeks are crucial in that it requires extra attention to detail, scheduling with the owner's sub contractors so that it works with our schedule is absolutely necessary, and putting on those final touches that make a Parkway project quality work. Woody and I are so proud that our company selected us to come help in these final important weeks. Now we hope we can live up to that level of expectation. Stay tuned to find out if we can indeed meet our deadline. Pics: Woody is holding the ladder that will be placed in the building for roof access in the area shown in the next picture. The tile and wallpaper at the end of the hallway will be removed and McDonald's Decor wallpaper will replace it. The pile of rubbish in the dining room was removed within hours by Michael, Woody and Kenneth this morning. The picture of the drive thru window shows work that is left to be finished by the glass company. Finally the exterior piles of rubbish were removed today despite the fact that it rained all afternoon. They will need to continue working on removing all rubbish, materials, trailers, etc from the lot in order to sweep the lot and power wash it before the asphalt goes on.