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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GIT R DONE....Got it done at McDonald's

The final construction clean took place last night. We left the cleaning crew about 6pm last night to get started. While the building doesn't have to be spic'n'span clean or sparkly, shiny clean, it does need to be clean of constructio debris and dust. At about 4 this morning I got a call from the owner of the cleaning company that she was concerned they would not be finished by 8am. When Woody & I turned the corner at the ramp off I-35 we could already tell it was clean. How? The windows were dirt free. Would it pass the test for McDonald's Grand Opening Day? No, because they have very high standards and their crews will come in and work on cleaning the building and leave it immaculate. But as far as a construction clean it's probably the best work we've seen in a while. We arrived about 6:45am and the cleaning crew was exhausted. Here are some pictures of their work.